About Us

Turn social media data into actionable
insigts with hooter

HooterApp is Social media marketing Web and Mobile application which based on an Artificial Intelligence and help users to keep in touch with their Social accounts. It is social media tool used for marketing in all your social media profiles via a single platform. It saves your time and efforts by managing all your profiles within single dashboard. HooterApp intelligently schedule your content and post for making it visible to millions of people every day.

It is created by Webtunix Solutions, an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based Company in India. Our research and development in this field is proceeding day by day and reaching thousands of clients.

Trusted by 1000 of the world's top
global brands and agencies

Our vision is to build a simple and intelligent application based on machine learning to help our customers. Thus HooterApp was created to better engage your website or product with a large amount of traffic. It is made with a better and simple interface for seek of our users. Start using HooterApp for free of cost and save your time instead of posting the same post again and again in your different social media profiles. Thus help individual’s, businesses and publishers to build an audience online by easily managing and scheduling your posts.

Strong leadership

We have a collaboration of developers, designers, marketing specialists, data scientist, engineers, data analysts, researchers, data leaders and product mangers. All of them work as a team to serve our clients with our best efforts. Hard work is done again and again to improve your product. To explore your website or product we make continuous changes to grow your work.