How can I connect to different Social Media Accounts?

Login into your Hooterapp account. Click on ass social media accounts. You will see a list of a large number of social media platforms, for example, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and many more.

How can I add images to my posts?

While posting the content, you can add multiple images to the posts. To add the images in the post, click on add new post and then click on the camera icon. This will open up a popup where you can upload images from the desktop or the cloud.

What is the bulk scheduler?

You can bulk schedule the posts across all your social media platforms. You can schedule up to 100 posts. You can also add the images in the posts while scheduling the posts. The bulk scheduler supports .csv, .xls and .xlsx file format.

How can I see the reports and share them?

You can see reports in the dashboard of the Hooterapp. Every report has a share button. You can share or download the reports any number of times. You can also schedule to weekly or monthly to send the reports automatically to your Email.

In how many social networks can I publish my posts simultaneously?

You can publish your posts in all the social media platforms simultaneously. You can also publish Facebook posts at the same time of the day in different time zones. You can also repeat your posts on the weekly or monthly basis.

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