Social Media Marketing

Integrate social media marketing into your entire marketing strategy

Use the power of social media marketing in your business. Hooterapp allows you to manage your entire social media campaign under one roof. Manage your teams while you carry out the social media campaigns and collaborate your efforts. Never miss an opportunity to engage with your follower and grab their attention on multiple social media platforms.

Collaborate across teams

Whether your team is unified at headquarters or distributed across offices, the Spredfast platform allows marketers to effectively collaborate when creating campaigns. High-volume stream curation, auto-routing, and pre-configured integrations ensure you’ll get the most out of your time and data. Centralize all of your important social marketing campaigns and non-social efforts. The Spredfast platform allows marketers to effectively collaborate and pre-configured integrations ensure you’ll get the most out of your time.

Schedule and Publish your Posts

Schedule, queue and publish messages to Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn from Hooterapp. Set team members up to the draft and submit messages for approval. Include multiple profiles, content tags, post times and network specific audience targeting. A shared content calendar provides a comprehensive view of upcoming messages across your entire team; review, edit and add content where needed.

Improved Data analytics

Hooterapp’s data analytics tools allow you to analyze the performance of social media campaign better. View network, profile and message-level insights for one or many profiles with in-depth Twitter analytics, Facebook analytics, and Instagram analytics. Hooterapp’s analytics features team and engagement reports detailing overall and individual team members’ responsiveness and engagement. All analytics are packaged into beautiful, presentation-ready reports that can be custom branded and exported to CSV and PDF at no extra cost.

Manage Social Inbox

Easily engage with customers across multiple channels with all your messages in one place. Tag & Organize Messages with the help of Hooteapp. Use custom tags to categorize messages, filter the inbox and divvy up the workload. Manage the inbox of different social media accounts together in one place. Activity updates, message-level auditing, tasking, and tagging ensure efficient team collaboration. Mark the conversation as complete so you can focus more on the current messages Hide completed messages from the inbox to stay focused and track progress on a dynamic chart.